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30 Minute Workout From Hell

This workout will torch body fat and add on slabs of lean muscle, resulting in a lean sexy physique. It's about pushing yourself to the absolute limits. Throw this into your routine now and again but no more than once a week. Too much of a good thing like this may cause you to start suffering from the effects of overtraining, especially if you already have an intense workout regimen.

Ensure that you warm up thoroughly. Do not skimp out on this part as remaining injury free is very important! As you progress through the workout, the exercises will get harder each time around.

Add more weight as you go through each circuit and lift as heavy as possible whilst maintaining perfect form.

Initial Warm Up - 5-10 minutes low intensity exercise such as jogging, skipping, arm circles, light stretching - just get the body moving as much as possible.

Circuit - complete the following exercises, only resting where it states to. If you cannot complete the prescribed reps do an easier version of the exercise (reduce or remove weight) or move onto the next exercise.

When you are in the 1 min rest interval, use this time to set up for the next exercise and add more weight as required.

Push ups x 20

Box jumps x 10

Jumping pull-ups x 10

High Intensity Cardio (rower, sprints, etc) 1 min

1 min rest

Bench press x 10

Squats x 10

Pull-ups x 10

High Intensity Cardio 1 min

1 min rest

Bench press x 8

Squats x 8

Pull-ups x 8 (Slow negative)

High Intensity Cardio 1 min

1 min rest

Bench press x 5

Squats x 5

Pull-ups x 5 (Very slow negative)

High Intensity Cardio 1 min

Cool down - 5-10 mins medium - low intensity cardio and stretching

If you found this easy, you didn't do it right!


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