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Energy Management vs. Time Management

Generating Energy

Firstly, you must understand how to generate energy. The fundamental way to yield high amounts of sustainable energy is through purpose. Life purpose provides drive and ambition. Without purpose, you become a ‘drifter’. It’s important to be clear on your life’s purpose and display it everywhere to keep it on the forefront of your mind!

Energy Expenditure

Secondly, you must use that generated energy wisely. If the output is not in line with your life purpose, it’s wasted energy. If it’s not driving you forward, discard it. This is where prioritization is so important – see my previous post here:

Energy Regeneration

Thirdly, you must regenerate that energy through optimal rest, nutrition and recovery tactics (especially for athletes).

This process can require a radical change of mindset when it comes to what you spend your time doing. Many top athletes would be perceived as extremely lazy if you removed the hard training they undergo. The rest of the time is rest time. Do not confuse rest with laziness. Active rest for both the body (walking, yoga, etc.) and the mind (learning, reading fiction, etc.) are what is required for optimal long-term results.

Ways to harness energy:

· Breathwork

· Cold showers/ice baths

· Bioenergetics

· Optimized Nutrition

· Quality sleep

· Affirmations

· Tai chi

Ways to save energy and reduce decision making fatigue:

· Routines

· Planning

· Outsourcing

· Regular breaks

· Rest and recreation

· Rules (phone checks, gossip, etc.)

· Clarity of vision


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