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Robust Resilient Running

  • 8Weeks
  • 46Steps
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Run faster and further with ease, using natural running protocols & a holistic running lifestyle, instead of being constantly plagued by injuries & inconsistency. Week 1: The Present Moment - Balance, mobility, running and strength assessments. Week 2: The Plan - Custom training for your goals and needs Week 3: Natural Faster Efficient Running - How to run faster without running harder. Avoid niggles and injuries. Week 4: Getting Faster and Stronger - How to keep building fitness with consistent progression. Week 5: Habits and Holistic Running - The 4 laws of habit change to make going out for a run becomes effortless. Week 6: Create More Time - How to generate more time to do what you enjoy, so you can actually find the joy in running. Week 7: Race Preparation and Mindset - How to increase your chances of success. Become highly motivated - no more procrastination! Week 8: Re-Assess and Keep Moving Forward - Let’s see how much stronger and fitter you are now!

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