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Eat Your Fave Food, Have Fun and Get In Shape!

It is possible to achieve your ideal physique without starving yourself, whilst actually enjoying the process and maybe even having a few alcoholic drinks now and again...

Who the hell am I to say this is possible?

Well I've done it, if that's any kind of reassurance.

I started my 2017 fat loss plan back in March. The picture on the right was taken in May sometime when on holiday. I got pretty damn lean. Yeah, I may not be ready to take on the Mr Olympia title, but that's not my goal. I just wanna look and feel great!

I eat cake sometimes. I drink beer and whisky on the odd weekend. I have some takeaways. I watch movies and chill out a lot. I even had a Stag Do, a wedding and a week on holiday (with no training and just eating whatever the hell I wanted) before the picture on the right was taken!

I had a Stag Do, a wedding and half a holiday before I took the after pic you seen the right (my shorts even got better to match my body)

I managed to enjoy life whilst getting into shape by simply following the advice laid out in this article. Follow it yourself and it will work!

If you want some personal guidance on how to achieve your health and fitness goals (whilst having fun), why not check out our Online Fitness Coaching?

Before you read any further, I must put out a disclaimer;

I do not in any way imply that drinking alcohol and eating crap is good for you. It's not. Sugar, alcohol and junk food are some of the worst things you can put in your body! But enjoying them in moderation isn't going to hurt.

If you're someone who doesn't care much for indulging in any of this fun stuff (and I'm guessing you do, or else you wouldn't be reading this blog post... Or maybe you're just a pessimistic fool who eats rice cakes and dry chicken breast all day 'cos that's how to really get ripped...), then by all means, eat healthy, don't drink and be boring. Just kidding ;)

Before you even begin to consider embarking upon this crazy ride, you must first have these three things in place:

1. Self-Discipline

2. Correct Priorities

3. Clearly Defined Goals

Let's go through these one by one;


You must be able to control yourself. Simple as that.

Yes, I said you can eat your fave food. That doesn't mean you can go eat Big Mac Meals twice a day and expect a six pack to magically appear. Now I'm not saying that's impossible, (if your energy expenditure consistently exceeded your caloric intake, then it's a possibility), however I don't think some sexy abs are worth a heart attack at 28 years old...

Correct Priorities

What is your priority? Getting shredded or getting wasted? If it's the latter, then you may need to re-prioritise.

Yes, you can have a few craft beers or a glass of zinfandel now and again but 16 pints and 23 Jägerbombs are not going to support your fitness goals.

Clearly Defined Goals

What are your goals? A target bodyweight? Six pack abs? To fit into some old jeans? Whatever it is, make sure it's SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed.

Here's a crappy goal:

I want to be ripped!

Here's an awesome goal:

I'm going to lose 10lbs on the scale, have clearly defined abs and a muscular physique by 20 Jun 17. (Remember to be careful with scales as they do not always give an accurate measurement of progress. The mirror and progress photos tend to be the best guide as muscle tissue weights more than body fat - at the end of the day it's about how you look and feel, not just some number on the scales).

Everything In Moderation

This term gets thrown around quite often. It's simple. Enjoy good food and enjoy good company with a couple of drinks, however, there must be balance. Follow the 80/20 rule: eat healthy 80% of the time, then you can treat yourself 20% of the time.

The BusyFitness Get Shredded, Eat Your Fave Food And Have Fun Ten Commandments

1. Thou shalt not overly indulge, no matter how tasty the chocolate cheesecake is

2. Thou shalt balance out calories whilst indulging in fun food and drinks

3. Thou shalt forever remain in a state of optimal hydration, regardless of the situation

4. Remember to always train on a frequent basis

5. Honor thy macronutrients; thy protein, thy carbs and thy fat

6. Thou shalt have respect for weight training and not be a slave to the hamster wheel/treadmill

of death

7. Thou shalt always prioritise fitness over fun (however fun is to be had and if thee can make fitness fun, thy shalt forever be glad)

8. Thou shalt stick to their goals, no matter thy circumstance

9. Thou shalt face fear on a daily basis

10. Thou shalt forever be consistent

I hope these all make sense. Just to clarify in laymans terms;

1. Indulge in whatever the hell you like but just have a little bit of it, now and again...

2. If your having a few cocktails in the evening, cut out some carbs earlier in the day!

3. Drink loads and loads of water! Not too much though...

4. You must train in some form or another, otherwise you will not see the results you want!

5. Protein will repair muscle cells. Carbs will provide energy. Fats are awesome (healthy ones are best for your heart!) Always ensure you have the right amount of each for your goals.

6. Weight training is the single most effective method of sculpting a lean, athletic physique.

7. You get this one. Gym or party? Gym! Jog or The Walking Dead? Jog! Easter egg or poached egg? Poached egg!!!! However, if you get the chance to go mountain biking or surfing for cardio, do it!

8. Always stick to your goals, no matter what happens! Never, ever deviate from the plan!

9. Facing your fears is more of a life skill. I just thought I'd throw it in to improve you as a human being.

10. This is sooooo important! If you don't remain consistent, you'll inevitably fail.

Follow these rules/commandments/tips/awesome advice and I guarantee you will get shredded, eat your fave food and have fun doing it!

For a fully customised training and nutrition plan that will keep you accountable and ensure that you achieve your goals, (whilst enjoying your life!) be sure to check out our Online Fitness Coaching plans.

Let me know if you have any commandments/rules/tips/tricks/ideas that you use to have fun and keep fit!

Don't forget to share this with your friends and family if you think this information will help them too!

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