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How To Be Confident In The Gym

All too often people say they don't lift weights because they don't know what they're doing. This is understandable as nobody wants to embarrass themselves doing stupid things in the gym.

This is a real shame because lifting weights will help most people achieve their fitness goals. Gaining muscle, burning fat, increasing strength, improving posture... All of this and more can be achieved by stepping off that damn treadmill and picking up some dumbbells!

Remember when you were a baby, you learnt how to walk? Then you learnt how to speak... Then you evolved into the beautiful being that you are today! When you tried to walk for the first time you probably looked pretty silly! You can walk pretty well now, can't you? Getting the point yet?

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, that's how us humans learn. There's a better way though, learn from the mistakes of others. Watch other people in the gym and educate yourself. Whatever you do, don't go in there and injure yourself!

Try not to be embarrassed by more experienced members of the gym. If someone is performing an exercise with poor form or doing something incorrectly, most people will be so focussed on their own workout, worrying about making their own mistakes, that they probably won't even notice you're there!

Unless you're on the piece equipment they want to use... Don't worry, they can wait 'til your finished the last set.... Unless they give you the roid rage stare... Then run away!

If you see this, run away!

However, if someone does notice you doing an exercise incorrectly, chances are they will NOT think that it's funny. They may want to help you or give some advice but they probably won't even do that. They'll be too worried that you take a hissy fit and run away from the iron forever.

As I said at the beginning of this article, it's understandable that you may be worried. Hopefully that has eased a little anxiety so far.

If you're overweight, or have other poor self-image problems, all of these confidence issues are likely to be amplified. Being around a bunch of ripped, athletic, sexy folks can be quite intimidating. The thing is, weight training, as more and more are coming to realise, can speed up fat loss incredibly and help to build the physique you dream of having. This leaves some people going round in a vicious circle!

Here are five simple tips that will help you gain more confidence in the gym;

1. Watch videos - knowing how to perform an exercise correctly is very important not only to ensure you stay injury free, it also helps you look less stupid. YouTube is a great source of video content. Just remember that not everything online is correct so be careful who you listen to!

2. Get a coach - this is even better than watching videos, especially if you can find a good coach. Understandably, some people simply don't have the money for a coach or they just don't like the idea of one-on-one training. Don't worry if this sounds like you, great results can still be achieved without hiring someone to train you.

3. Follow a plan - having a sound plan to follow will not only produce much better results, it will allow you to enter the gym knowing what exercises to perform and you won't be standing around trying to figure out what to do next. If you want a custom plan that will help you attain awesome results, check out our Online Coaching plans.

4. Get a buddy - having a gym partner is a great motivational tool and they can also critique your form. Get into the habit of watching each other train closely and look for mistakes. Remember, don't take anything personally here, you are only helping each other.

5. Pick your times - if you're still really nervous about lifting weights, go early in the morning before anyone else is there. Or go late at night. Find the quiet times and use them to practice new exercises out of sight. Just be careful that you don't drop a barbell on your neck during the bench press and choke to death while nobody is around!

Dorian Yates - 6 time Mr. Olympia said "the greatest thing in life, freedom, is when you don't give a f*ck what people think anymore. That's really freedom." So stop caring about what everybody else thinks and just get in there and achieve your goals!

How do you build confidence in the gym?

Remember to share this information with your friends and help them to overcome any fears of the gym!

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