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  • 1-2-1 Coaching

    Every month
    Personalised coaching to help you achieve your goals
    • Initial comprehensive fitness, health & lifestyle analysis
    • Updated custom plans tailored to your specific goals
    • Comprehensive strength, health & fitness assessments
    • Weekly check-ins for maximal accountability & guidance
    • Ongoing support and guidance via direct messaging
    • All aspects of health and lifestyle support as required
    • Sports performance coaching if required
    • I use a tried & tested system to maximise your success
  • RRR Weekly

    Every week
    Access to Robust Resilient Running on a weekly payment plan
    • Strength, endurance, technique & proprioception assessments
    • Updated custom endurance & strength training plans
    • Ongoing weekly accountability & progress check-ins
    • Access to exclusive regular running based content
    • Access to a growing community of like minded runners
    • Weekly access to live Q&A's
  • THO Weekly

    Every week
    Total Health Optimisation Weekly Payment Option
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • Comprehensive health and lifestyle assessments & analysis
    • Exclusive content to optimise your health & vitality
    • Ongoing coaching to keep you accountable
    • A community of like minded people to lift each other up
    • Easily applied protocols for simple lifestyle integration
    • Actual information so you're not confused by 'guidelines'...
    • 5-10 mins daily is all that's required for dramatic results
    • Weekly Q&As to ask any questions you have
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