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Robust Resilient Running

  • 8Weeks
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Run stronger, faster and further with ease, using Natural Running Protocols and consistent intelligent training, instead of being constantly plagued by injuries & inconsistency. Other runners will be amazed when you go flying by them with efficiency and flow.​​​​ Week 1: The Present Moment - I assess your strengths and weaknesses, to prioritise where we place the most attention. Week 2: The Plan ​- You’ll receive your custom running and strength training programmes (all with video demonstrations), tailored to your experience, fitness and goals - so that you know exactly what to do and when to do it. Minimal to no equipment required. No more confusion. Week 3: Natural Faster Efficient Running ​- By stripping everything back and running naturally, you will avoid injuries and build consistency. I show you how to find your easy pace, where you can run for as long as you like with ease and enjoyment. Week 4: Getting Faster and Stronger ​- It’s time to start implementing some specific running workouts, to boost your speed and fitness fast. You learn how to run faster without running harder, and keep building fitness with consistent progression. Week 5: Habits and Natural Running ​- Diving deeper into the Natural Running Protocols including Ground Living, Balance Mastery, Technique Optimisation, Foundational Foot Strength, Breathwork and more, including the areas that are all too often neglected by runners. Week 6: How To Maximise Your Time ​- How to structure your training week for optimal results, with the time you have available, merging running enjoyably into your lifestyle. Week 7: Race Preparation and Mindset ​- How to maximise your chances of race day success. Week 8: Re-Assess and Keep Moving Forward ​- Let’s see how much stronger and faster you are now! I'll provide guidance on how to move towards your long-term goals in a healthy way.

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Robust Resilient Runners

Robust Resilient Runners

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